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Avete già idea di cosa mettere in valigia per le prossime vacanze? Se guardate il vostro armadio e vi sembra di non avere nulla da indossare, se siete stufe dei soliti abbinamenti, se non trovate mai l’accessorio giusto da abbinare al vostro outfit, allora provate a guardare le proposte di Dresslink.
Do you already know what to pack for your next holiday? If you look at your wardrobe and you feel to have nothing to wear, if you’re tired of the usual outfits, if you never found the right accessory to match your dress, so you’ll try to look at Dresslink’s proposals. Dresslink è, un sito di vendita online con una vasta gamma di articoli, che vanno dall’abbigliamento, agli accessori, dalle scarpe alle borse, e tutto a prezzi estremamente low cost (aumentati un pochino in sede di check out del carrello a causa dell tasse di spedizione).
Navigare il sito è molto facile, anche grazie ai filtri che consentono di personalizzare la ricerca e trovare l’oggetto dei nostri desideri e tante idee a cui ispirarci.
Vi lascio con alcuni dei capi che ho inserito nella mia wish list. Fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate della mia selezione, mi raccomando!

Dresslink is a website that sells a wide variety of items, ranging from clothing to accessories, from shoes to bags, and all items are extremely low cost (increased a little during the check out of the truck because of shipping fees).
Navigating the site is very easy, thanks to the filters that allow you to customize your search and find the object of our desires or many ideas to inspire us.
I leave you with some of the clothes that I have included in my wish list. Let me know what do you think about my selection?

dress black and purple dress –  beach dressWhite mini dress – Green long dress



Vintage print Kimono – Blue and White Kimono



Number print Tee – Keep calm Tee



Leaves belt – Chain belt – Elastic belt



36 pensieri su “Dresslink Shopping Online

  1. Hiya babe, wow some amazing stuff, the necklaces are killing it i love them
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Visit me whenever you can;

    I’m picking 3-5 of my followers by the end of this month for international giveaway.
    If you’re not following me yet do that to enter my first massive giveaway.
    For the people that i will randomly pick, i will email each person photos
    of brand new heels and make up products for you two choose from,
    you can pick up to 3 items, 1 pair of shoes and 2 make up products.

    Have a lovely week!
    Stay in touch.

    Dominica S.


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